Weather Policy

Since Jackson’s weather is so unpredictable classes most likely will not be cancelled until the last minute.

If I elect to cancel class it will first be posted to the Virus Website Page at the very top of the page.

If class is cancelled more than 1 hour before, I will have time to send out an email announcing this in addition to posting it on the website.

There are multiple classes during the day. If one class gets cancelled it does not mean that the other classes that day are cancelled.

Also, if one class trains, it does not mean that the other classes will train.

The plan is to attempt to have class when possible. If rain is hard or persistent, class will be cancelled. If lightning and thunder are present, class will be cancelled.

Class will not be cancelled for cold weather, unless there is an uncomfortable combination of cold air, wind and rain.

Since having outside classes there was only one day that classes were cancelled. In looking at the forecast and weather radar it looked like it was a good idea to cancel, especially since it was cold and wet. But as fate would have it the sun came out and we could have easily had class.

If I have not posted on the website that class is cancelled, it means that I will be at the training location ready to teach. If conditions are acceptable class will begin on time or when the weather allows for it.

If class is in session and conditions change, class may need to be cancelled while in session.

You must check to see if an email was sent, or the website was updated. If neither has occurred, then the plan is to have class.

Class may not be cancelled until minutes before class is scheduled to start. This means I am already at the class site prepared to teach. If class needs to be cancelled I will not have time to email a notification, but I will update the Virus Website Page.

Just because one class is cancelled, it does not necessarily mean that subsequent classes will be cancelled later in the day. Each class will be decided upon individually.

Students need to decide for themselves if weather conditions are acceptable for their tolerance level.

As always, dress accordingly.